Pallets or Rolls

  • Harvested using Trebro HarveStack 
  • Each roll is 5’ x 2’ (10 SQFT) 
  • Our standard pallet has 600 SQFT  
  • Pallet sizes we offer are subject to our harvester's capabilities as they range and include; 100-700 SQFT. 
  • Need a specific amount? Call us and we'll figure out what we can do to help! 

Big Rolls

  • Harvested using our 42” Big Roll Harvester from Magnum 
  • Each roll is 77’ x 3’6” (270 SQ/FT) 
  • Contractor/Landscaper? Our installer helps get the job done, give us a call or look below in the Installer tab to find out more! 


    Black Beauty from Jonathan Green matches our sod. So, whether you're overseeding a pre-existing lawn, need seed that matches our sod, or are seeding a new lawn we’ve got you covered. 

    • 25lb Bag 
      • Overseeding – seeds 7,500 SQ/FT 
      • New Lawn – seeds 3,750 SQ/FT 
    • 50lb Bag 
      • Overseeding – seeds 15,000 SQ/FT 
      • New Lawn – seeds 7,500 SQ/FT 


  •  Our Magnum Installer, an exceptional piece of equipment we use to assist in installation projects, offers the ability to save time on large scale projects.
  •  We offer our contractors and landscapers the ability to rent the installer for their projects which offers more efficient sod installations.
  •  Looking to use the installer or have questions on it's ability to be a more efficient option to laying sod? Give us a call today!
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