Quality Sod Is Our Number 1 Priority!

Here at Somerset Sod Farms, we grow a high quality, non-netted, turf type tall fescue. A dark green, cool season grass, our fescue strives in the spring and fall seasons with great heat, drought, and shade tolerance. With excellent traffic tolerance and no netting our sod makes an exceptional choice for your lawn, recreational, and commercial needs. Our promise to use no netting means we wait longer growing periods to ensure we have a healthier, more mature product that’s environmentally friendly and easier for our customers to maintenance without the hassle. 

Our sod has been grown specifically to provide itself with a stronger root system, greater durability, and the perfect mixture of density and texture. This helps our product hold together when we harvest it and helps your lawn look and feel its best. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best service, product, and support so if there’s a question you have regarding our sod, we’re here to help!  

We harvest our sod on pallets and big rolls. For more information on each product please head to our products and services!